Diabetes Run


Concept: Diabetes Run is a runner game advocate doing exercise and eating balanced diet to maintain a normal blood-sugar level. We introduce a blood-sugar meter in our game. A pinter is on it indicating the level. Please avoid the blood-sugar getting too low or too high, or you will fail the game. The longer the run, the better the score.

←→ to change lanes
↑ to jump
↓ to slide

Technology: Unity 5
My Contributions :
– Creating the endless runner effect in the game.
– Spawning of objects at random positions in three lanes at different heights.
– Getting the prefabs to move towards the player and also destroying the items over time.
– Adding collisions to the prefabs and the player character and moving the collider along with the player movement.
– Integrating the art into the game.
– Menu system: Wrote the logic for restarting the game after game over and also the logic for the complete menu system.
– Integrated the sounds to the game: Worked on getting the sounds to play and stop at the right times.
– I was responsible for updating the team where the progress is at so that everyone is at the same level.