Mazing Dog


Concept: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog? Dogs have weak eye-sight, and they cannot see red colors. But they have a good nose. In MazingDog, you play the role of a dog, who wants to find his little master. You see from the dog’s perspective, which is colorless, blurred, and interpreted as impressionism. You have to use your keen sense of smell to complete the maze.

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions :
– Creating the smell effect of the dog where the environment changes whenever the dog interacts with the object.
– Adding collisions to the game so that the character doesn’t go through walls.
– Adding the menu screen and the sounds to the game.
– Adding the first person character to the game and attaching the dog nose to the character so that it moves along with the camera
– Preventing the dog nose to go through walls and also see through walls


Centipede X


Concept: Centipede X is an adaptation of the classic arcade game Centipede (1981) in which two players fight in a deathmatch‐style arena. One player assumes the role of the ship and the other plays as the centipede. Centipede X was built in HTML5 and supports several popular web browsers. It utilizes a 1280×720 game space and the centipede is comprised of nine 40×40 body pieces and a tailpiece. The two players use separate areas of a single keyboard to control their characters. Both characters are able to move and have a single action button.
Technology : HTML5, Javascript, CSS3

My Contributions :
– The ship movement: Wrote the logic for the ship movement where the ship would move space bar key is pressed. Also wrote the logic for fire rate and the limit to a number of bullets that can be spawned on the screen when the space bar is pressed and held.
– Populating the scene with debris: Divided the screen into different parts and populated the centipede region with debris which could be used as a bullet.
– Rolling background: Wrote the logic where the background would slide down and start over in a loop.
– Integrating the art into the game.
– Menu system: Wrote the logic for restarting the game after game over and also the logic for the complete menu system.
– Integrated the sounds to the game: Worked on getting the sounds to pay and stop at the right times.
– Updating the team where the progress is at so that everyone is at the same level.

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