Centipede X


Concept: Centipede X is an adaptation of the classic arcade game Centipede (1981) in which two players fight in a deathmatch‐style arena. One player assumes the role of the ship and the other plays as the centipede. Centipede X was built in HTML5 and supports several popular web browsers. It utilizes a 1280×720 game space and the centipede is comprised of nine 40×40 body pieces and a tailpiece. The two players use separate areas of a single keyboard to control their characters. Both characters are able to move and have a single action button.
Technology : HTML5, Javascript, CSS3

My Contributions :
– The ship movement: Wrote the logic for the ship movement where the ship would move space bar key is pressed. Also wrote the logic for fire rate and the limit to a number of bullets that can be spawned on the screen when the space bar is pressed and held.
– Populating the scene with debris: Divided the screen into different parts and populated the centipede region with debris which could be used as a bullet.
– Rolling background: Wrote the logic where the background would slide down and start over in a loop.
– Integrating the art into the game.
– Menu system: Wrote the logic for restarting the game after game over and also the logic for the complete menu system.
– Integrated the sounds to the game: Worked on getting the sounds to pay and stop at the right times.
– Updating the team where the progress is at so that everyone is at the same level.

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