Cyber Force and Fowl City

Concept: Fowl City is an isometric action-exploration game built in Unreal Engine 4 for mobile devices. As a furious fowl, you fight through hordes of rival gangster penguins to assassinate mob bosses. Use touch controls to navigate a stylized world of violence and corruption while unleashing your fury on those who would oppose you.

Cyber Force: You are an ethical hacker hunting bugs in programs. You enforce justice in the cyber world. Be careful with your power — abuse will cause a domino effect and more bugs.

Technology: Unreal Engine

My Contributions :
– Creating the level design and the material design for Cyber Force before I was rolled out of it.
– Figured out how to add videos as cinematic in Unreal Engine for Cyber Force.
– Adding the menu screen and the sounds to the game for Fowl City.
– Editing and adding animation to the Boss AI for Fowl City.
– Added logic for the Boss to take damage from the player.
– Worked on the logic for the Boss to run away to a particular location when his health is reduced.
– Wrote the logic for In-Game Pause Menu system where the user can pause the screen and go back to the Main Menu or Resume the game.
– Worked on the Particle system where the particle should emit at the end point of the rocket
launcher when launched.
– Wrote the logic for Key-Pick up where the player gets access to the warehouse of the Boss AI.

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