Concept: Medusa is the awkward girl at school—always picked on by Athena. One day, Athena snatches Medusa’s necklace (the Time Medallion) and makes fun of her for it. While playing keep away with other mean girls, the Time Medallion is dropped as Medusa tries to catch it, the medallion shatters and sucks Medusa into a loop. Now, Medusa must collect all the pieces to fix the rift in time. Every time Medusa finds a piece, her loop resets—and has to hide from herself. If Medusa meets herself, she’ll turn to stone! Find the pieces and help Medusa!

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions :
– Programmed player movement
– Programmed ray casting & lerp logic for player character
– Programmed UI system
– Level advancement logic
– Programmed animations and Replay logic whenever a piece of the medallion is picked.

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