Concept: Step into a troubled 1970s home in this non-linear, infinite empathy machine. experience the psychological horrors of coping caused by an endless cycle of abuse. this is a short art game about a mother’s feelings, relationships, and history. explore the house and interact with objects. your interaction causes the environment to tell the story of her deepest emotions. see how far you will go to end this vicious cycle.

Technology: Unreal Engine

My Contributions:
– Culling Volumes: Optimized the game so that there are no frame rate issues.
– Object Interaction: Provided an indication or feedback to the player that he/she can interact with an object. using object outline method where a certain object will have a white outline when it’s intractable.
– Pick Up Interaction: Implemented a mechanic where the player can freely move on an object by holding down a button.
– Final Steps: Programmed stairs where the stairs build as the player is walking.
– Bug Fix: Fixed bugs where sometimes when the object is interacted the object goes out of screen space in inspector mode. Fixed bug where the ray cast from the camera is having an offset compared to the pointer.
– Reduced Zoom Delay: Fixed the bug where the zoom out is related to the amount of time zoom in is held.
– Profiling: Identified what was causing frame rate issues and checked if there are any script errors.
– TRC Document: Went through the TRC document to check if there are any requirements that needed to be done so that the game can be published on the PS4.

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A.R.B.I. (Augmented Reality Body Image) is a HoloLens application intended to help people with body dysmorphia gain a more accurate perception of themselves. By comparing their virtual interpretation of themselves to a photo or reflection, users can see the difference between their perception and reality.

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions :
– Programmed logic for changing cursors according to user input.
– Logic for capturing an image using hololens & cropping it real-time.
– Animation logic.
– Programmed UI & XML parsing system.
– PHP & Database management.

The Meaning of Screening


Concept: The Meaning of Screening lets you explore the possible outcomes of cell-free DNA testing, otherwise known as Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions:
– Programmed dancing logic whenever the cursor is placed on a certain group.
– Programmed the complete game loop and analytics to log data of user interaction within the game.
– Programmed UI to change the color of skin and clothing when clicked on the bubble.
– Implemented an interface where data is read from an excel sheet and changing the data excel sheet results in the change of data in the game.

Boogie Boogie

In Boogie Boogie you dance together with virtual idols in VR. A big mirror will reflect your movements in front of you! Simple preparations with a PC and a smartphone put in cardboard, then just dance! There is a tutorial mode where you can learn dance step by step and a stage mode where you can beat the score and share your dancing video!

Technology: Unity 5, Google Cardboard VR

My Contributions :
– Programmed webcam logic to display webcam input in VR.
– UI & Animation system.
– Programmed logic to fix VR drift.
– Programmed Gaze Input and UI for the game.
– Programmed the tutorial mode where each animation can be played and changed with button interactions.



Concept: Medusa is the awkward girl at school—always picked on by Athena. One day, Athena snatches Medusa’s necklace (the Time Medallion) and makes fun of her for it. While playing keep away with other mean girls, the Time Medallion is dropped as Medusa tries to catch it, the medallion shatters and sucks Medusa into a loop. Now, Medusa must collect all the pieces to fix the rift in time. Every time Medusa finds a piece, her loop resets—and has to hide from herself. If Medusa meets herself, she’ll turn to stone! Find the pieces and help Medusa!

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions :
– Programmed player movement
– Programmed ray casting & lerp logic for player character
– Programmed UI system
– Level advancement logic
– Programmed animations and Replay logic whenever a piece of the medallion is picked.

Cyber Force and Fowl City

Concept: Fowl City is an isometric action-exploration game built in Unreal Engine 4 for mobile devices. As a furious fowl, you fight through hordes of rival gangster penguins to assassinate mob bosses. Use touch controls to navigate a stylized world of violence and corruption while unleashing your fury on those who would oppose you.

Cyber Force: You are an ethical hacker hunting bugs in programs. You enforce justice in the cyber world. Be careful with your power — abuse will cause a domino effect and more bugs.

Technology: Unreal Engine

My Contributions :
– Creating the level design and the material design for Cyber Force before I was rolled out of it.
– Figured out how to add videos as cinematic in Unreal Engine for Cyber Force.
– Adding the menu screen and the sounds to the game for Fowl City.
– Editing and adding animation to the Boss AI for Fowl City.
– Added logic for the Boss to take damage from the player.
– Worked on the logic for the Boss to run away to a particular location when his health is reduced.
– Wrote the logic for In-Game Pause Menu system where the user can pause the screen and go back to the Main Menu or Resume the game.
– Worked on the Particle system where the particle should emit at the end point of the rocket
launcher when launched.
– Wrote the logic for Key-Pick up where the player gets access to the warehouse of the Boss AI.

Mazing Dog


Concept: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a dog? Dogs have weak eye-sight, and they cannot see red colors. But they have a good nose. In MazingDog, you play the role of a dog, who wants to find his little master. You see from the dog’s perspective, which is colorless, blurred, and interpreted as impressionism. You have to use your keen sense of smell to complete the maze.

Technology: Unity 5

My Contributions :
– Creating the smell effect of the dog where the environment changes whenever the dog interacts with the object.
– Adding collisions to the game so that the character doesn’t go through walls.
– Adding the menu screen and the sounds to the game.
– Adding the first person character to the game and attaching the dog nose to the character so that it moves along with the camera
– Preventing the dog nose to go through walls and also see through walls

Centipede X


Concept: Centipede X is an adaptation of the classic arcade game Centipede (1981) in which two players fight in a deathmatch‐style arena. One player assumes the role of the ship and the other plays as the centipede. Centipede X was built in HTML5 and supports several popular web browsers. It utilizes a 1280×720 game space and the centipede is comprised of nine 40×40 body pieces and a tailpiece. The two players use separate areas of a single keyboard to control their characters. Both characters are able to move and have a single action button.
Technology : HTML5, Javascript, CSS3

My Contributions :
– The ship movement: Wrote the logic for the ship movement where the ship would move space bar key is pressed. Also wrote the logic for fire rate and the limit to a number of bullets that can be spawned on the screen when the space bar is pressed and held.
– Populating the scene with debris: Divided the screen into different parts and populated the centipede region with debris which could be used as a bullet.
– Rolling background: Wrote the logic where the background would slide down and start over in a loop.
– Integrating the art into the game.
– Menu system: Wrote the logic for restarting the game after game over and also the logic for the complete menu system.
– Integrated the sounds to the game: Worked on getting the sounds to pay and stop at the right times.
– Updating the team where the progress is at so that everyone is at the same level.

See Project

Diabetes Run


Concept: Diabetes Run is a runner game advocate doing exercise and eating balanced diet to maintain a normal blood-sugar level. We introduce a blood-sugar meter in our game. A pinter is on it indicating the level. Please avoid the blood-sugar getting too low or too high, or you will fail the game. The longer the run, the better the score.

←→ to change lanes
↑ to jump
↓ to slide

Technology: Unity 5
My Contributions :
– Creating the endless runner effect in the game.
– Spawning of objects at random positions in three lanes at different heights.
– Getting the prefabs to move towards the player and also destroying the items over time.
– Adding collisions to the prefabs and the player character and moving the collider along with the player movement.
– Integrating the art into the game.
– Menu system: Wrote the logic for restarting the game after game over and also the logic for the complete menu system.
– Integrated the sounds to the game: Worked on getting the sounds to play and stop at the right times.
– I was responsible for updating the team where the progress is at so that everyone is at the same level.




Concept: Is a game which is Galaga + Puzzle Bubble with a splash of Game & Watch Fire. The main mechanics of the game are descending enemies (per Galaga), color-matching (per Puzzle Bobble) and collecting (per Game & Watch Fire)

Technology: MonoGame Engine.

My contributions:
– Created Animated sprite class to animate sprite sheets (controllable frame rate, position, movement of enemies).
– Designed UI for the game, Menu and added sound for the game.
– Implemented Logic for the game: Game loop, Restart functionality after we have a winner.
– Added animation for death and collisions.
– Interacted with the artists (discussed on pixel sizes, enemy shapes, and sprite sheets)